Youtube artists: Pearfleur and Drawing Wiff Waffles

Today I want to post two (mostly-)stolen images. I want to learn to sketch people, but I don’t know much about them… certainly not enough to create a figure without a reference. I follow Pearfleur and Drawing Wiff Waffles, both talented artists, both great at drawing people. Click below for Pearfleur’s video, talking about Sakura Koi watercolors (and to register for her giveaway!!):

Pearfleur’s giveaway ending August 31st, and her Sakura Koi watercolors…

She painted this face, and interesting background…


I just stole the eyes, although I may try again with a similar background. Here’s my attempt:


That odd texture is because it is in my watercolor journal, and is actually on the back side of the paper. (but why waste a whole side just because it reacts a little differently?)

Click here for Drawing Wiff Waffles One Marker Illustration…

Drawing Wiff Waffles posted this drawing, in a video where she is challenged too use only one color marker:


How cute. And what an interesting drawing challenge. She also shows how to use alcohol with an alcohol marker to achieve a watercolor effect, like she did for the skin tone. Click the link to watch the challenge.

My attempt (at her picture):


[I just noticed, I completely forgot her freckles…oops]

I used the Uniball deluxe micro pen that I always go on about for the outline, and Schmincke English Venetian Red for this.  Using one color is fun (and easier with paint, I think, than with a marker!) Drawing Wiff Waffles also gives a link to this image as a coloring page, if you’d like to try the one marker challenge yourself without drawing it.

I found the Uniball fine tip .7mm pen HERE on Amazon, right now the three pack is only $4.37! If you have been thinking about trying these pens, that’s a great price. The .5mm tip, which is the micro tip I generally use, is HERE on Amazon, currently $6.81 for 3… also a great price. They seem to fluctuate tremendously. I’ll tell you what I think of the larger tip after I’ve tried it a bit.

If you like these pictures, go check out the tutorials. You’ll enjoy them even more.

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