Day 210 (Sat July 29) Dogs are difficult!!!

This is my second attempt at my neighbor’s dog… she made me the beautiful pencil holder, remember? And I’m painting her dog in exchange. It is much better than my first attempt, but still looks very little like her, and certainly captures none of her personality. I AM learning things each time, though, so while it frustrates me not to be able to paint what I feel and see, I do see progress with each attempt, and at this point that is more important anyway.

I think it is a decent dog. But a sad Reilly.


I purchased a big sheet of quality 300 pound paper to try for this project, and am using Daniel Smith and Qor paints. And two sable brushes (So my supplies ARE NOT the problem, not even a little) In spite of my disappointment in this attempt, and the exhaustion I feel now, the tools are all a pleasure to work with! And they make me want to try again. Plus, attempt two is so much improved over attempt one, maybe tomorrow I’ll love my result!

My eyeballs are blurring inside my brain, I feel like one may have come lose is swimming around in there, so I’ll come back to this. 🙂


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