Finetec/Coliro Pearlescent Colours… YES!

I added Finetec Pearlescent paint to this little red headed girl, painted with Schmincke watercolors (please excuse the photography… it IS NOT on pink paper! ) and the shimmer is sweet and fun. Even her freckles sparkle. This paint was so easy to use, I felt I should share it with you!



I do highly recommend these “Finetec Pearlescent Colours”… linked here at Amazon.  (now packaged as Coliro, but still manufactured by Finetec in Germany, in exactly the same way as before) If you are looking for shimmer, I think you’ll find they apply easily and are nicely opaque, and are smooth and luscious. They have other sets as well, including a set of 12 colors, and a lovely earth tone set. (And lots of others. I don’t know how the prices usually run, but right now the 12 set is $27.11, “regularly” $45.75, and the 6 tone earth set is $26.99, so the 12 set might be a good deal… but it is the 6 set with gold, silver, and copper that I have. The Kuretake Gansai Tambi set is only $11, but I’ve tried those (individually, not that set) and I wasn’t happy with them. I think there are some youtube reviews comparing the two brands)

These come in a lovely sturdy tin… the large pans pop out and replacements can be purchased and snapped back in.

Color me impressed! I’m not generally into glitter or shimmer, and I would not have ordered these. I did pay for them, and probably a premium price… they came in a lettering subscription box from ArtSnacks. And I’m happy I have them, now that I’ve played with them!






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