Art Journal and Planner

In a youtube video by Pearfleur about her art journal/planner, she said her studies don’t permit her to paint every day, so she has incorporated a little sketching and doodling into her day planner. I have been wanting to create a bullet journal or planner for some time now… but with any organizational system I’m best at setting them up but never using them. This art idea hooked me, though, so I copied a few of her ideas. Then I got on several other youtube journal sites and used their page ideas as well. (AmandaRachLee was one… she has beautiful, simple ideas… JannPlansThings was another. Very artsy and fun) So, yes, the past few days I haven’t posted art, but I have done a little doodling and painting, as you’ll see, and I thought I’d share my pages here before I muss them all up. (hoping I do) If you are new to bullet journaling, you may find some ideas. (If you are experienced, this will probably seem very basic to you)

Cover page and first page (taken directly from Pearfleur):


Month at a glance… Pearfleur’s idea here is to do a tiny doodle or sketch in each day’s block, something that kind of represents the day:


Tracking interviews held at work, and current or future work projects/Developing a new habit for the month:


(I added little cute things to the other pages… ideas from those three tutorials. Sunflowers, leaves, fireflies… just noticed I skipped this page! A psychological block I suppose, because this page represents some work. I’ll add to it tonight!)

Habit Tracker/keeping track of my mail art swaps:


Movies watched, books read (or listened to)/and new recipes tried. On the right page, Pearfleur’s idea was to do a tiny painting each day. Seven blocks. That was my original plan, then I decided I need to try cooking something more interesting, and decided two new recipes a week:


(I also later used a colored pencil to shadow the boxes on those pages… a couple lines really makes a difference in making it feel complete! I didn’t think it was worth double posting here, though.)

Weekly calendar… each the same, just different colors. (see the shadows around the boxes? That’s what I added to the book and recipe pages ) Tried several ways of doing Saturday and Sunday. The blocks will hold important things I want to see immediately, the sides can be an hourly breakdown or list of errands and tasks:

Doing a dream page was pearfleur’s idea… I’ve had really vivid crazy dreams for a while so I thought I’d leave space to doodle or describe anything that particularly strikes me. (Last week I dreamed my deodorant was alive. Seriously. And that wasn’t even the strangest thing, that just really struck me when I woke up) My dreams have lots of color and images, so this could be interesting. The starry cloudy theme came from JannPlansThings.


I think this page should be first in September, but I just saw the idea in JannPlansThings’ tutorial last night, so it’s at the back for August. I wasn’t planning on doing an all out month. I was just going to do some art. But I got caught up in it and this seemed helpful, too.

Things to try to do before summer ends/August goals: (I used my shiny gold and silver Finetec paints for the fireflies and the stars. Really cute in person. And I sprinkled a few fireflies throughout the other pages, too. I may add more, and some more glory sparkly stars.) The idea on the left came from AmandaRachLee’s post, although hers was a mason jar of lemonade and straw. I really wanted fireflies in mine. The idea on the right came from JannPlansThings. Both with some alterations.





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