A Perfect Porcelain Paint Palette?? (for me, anyway!)

(This is NOT a palette BOX… but a palette dish… plate… thingy you mix paint on. The kind that doesn’t store paint.) I LOVE it.


I’ve used my metal and plastic palette tins so long (which I also love), that I’d forgotten how amazing porcelain feels!

This is actually a divided sushi dish. I saw someone using a pretty square plate in a video… turned out it was a fondue plate… genius. I have a white deviled egg platter which is big, and fun, but sort of TOO big sometimes for my messy table. And right now I like a large flat area instead of so many separate ones, so I can blend all the colors with each other a bit when I want to.

I started looking around and found this style that I loved.


I FINALLY found it AFFORDABLY here on Amazon, after looking all over the internet. Amazon does it again. (If you don’t have Amazon Prime yet, consider it. I do nearly all of my shopping there, and I find some great art supplies. And everyday life supplies.) Under $15, delivered in two days, and they hooked me. It is 13″ long, 6″ wide at its widest (well, 4 1/2″, kind of… look at the pictures and you will understand… 6″ total width) There’s lots of room for mixing, and two separate cups, too. They have a wider one, as well, if you need more mixing space. I love the narrow one and have placed it above my journal while I’m working… between my paints and my journal.


Look how pretty the paint mixes in it… I’d like to just hang it on the wall!

When I have a bit more cash to spend on it, (or when I find it cheaper) I’ll get the larger dish, linked here… it isn’t SO much bigger, 13″ long and 9″ at its widest, so only 3″ wider than my (cool) dish. But to use that, I have to commit to keeping my table clearer…

By the way, that pink color is Daniel Smith’s  Rose of Ultramarine , with a touch of plain ultramarine blue mixed in at the end there… Rose of Ultramarine is Quinacridone Rose and Ultramarine mixed, and they separate and granulate in an interesting way (all blue and pink, of course. I think you can see it a bit in the galaxies here) … and the dark blue is Schmincke’s “payne’s grey bluish” … bluer when wet. Another interesting mix.

Let us know if you have a palette you love!!


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