Birthday Girl

Only six years old, and already she’s a comic book character.


A few errors, but she’s pretty cute. Maybe I’ll thicken up the lines a bit.

I’m using a new ‘faux squirrel’ paintbrush. PLEASANTLY CHEAP. Through an online sale at… an art supply store in Minnesota. I don’t know if the sale is still going on, but they are worth keeping an eye on. I’ve gotten both of my ‘limited edition’ Schmincke watercolor sets there, and my QoR mini pan set, some good brushes on sale and a miniature paint set which is super adorable. Good sales, good products, and great customer service) I like it. I still get most of my supplies other places but some of my favorites from there. I’m a fan. (If you happen to live near them, it sounds like they offer a bunch of cool classes as well!)


I thought maybe in this journal I’d add a little swatch area for the palette choices on each page. It will show me what I’m usually using, in the future it will show me what colors I used (because I definitely won’t remember) and also I can learn a bit about choosing a palette for a piece, maybe.


I guess tomorrow I’d better add the pigment numbers as well.



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