Following a Rose Tutorial by Jay Lee

Here is the rose I painted during the livestream session today (and what could be nicer than painting on a rainy summer day?) :


It isn’t bad, but if I showed you Jay Lee’s rose that I was copying, you’d see why I wasn’t happy with this. I see what he did. I just didn’t do it. I was trying to paint what he painted as he painted it, and I couldn’t keep up… So afterwards, I pulled up my own reference photo, and came up with this:


Still not perfect, but I do think it is better than it would have been in early 2017. So I will keep moving!!



2 thoughts on “Following a Rose Tutorial by Jay Lee

  1. Both are lovely Holly – I think you did really well. The one you painted from your own photo is an improvement on the one from the online tutorial. Either way, roses aren’t easy to paint and you did a very good job… !

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