Quick watercolor doodles

Leaves and balloons… what could be simpler?? Trying out some new Schmincke colors here.

And with that… ta-daaaa! This watercolor journal is complete!! Woo-hoo!! On to the next. But first:

I’d love to hear your thoughts on fugitive* colors… (particularly Opera Pink… PR122, which came in my newest Schmincke set.) I keep pulling out any fugitive colors I have in my sets. And I’ve been really picky about choosing paints with good reputations in lightfast ratings. Lately I’ve seen artists saying they don’t worry about fugitive colors because they are only painting in journals, it wouldn’t be hanging on walls, etc. I think my work will mostly remain hidden as well… it just seems to me there are so many lightfast colors available, why should I include those known to fade in my selections? But maybe I’m worrying about nothing?

Maybe I’ll accidentally create something amazing in a journal one day and want to display it? Shouldn’t I plan for any eventuality? What are your thoughts on fugitive pigments, and how do you handle them when they come in your sets?

(*Fugitive colors= pigments known to fade over time when directly or indirectly exposed to sunlight)



2 thoughts on “Quick watercolor doodles

  1. Congratulations on finishing your watercolour journal. My two pence worth, if I was selling paintings I would probably take a bit more care and maybe not choose the fugitive colours but for sketchbooks or scanned artwork (which is what I do most of the time) it wont make any difference as it wont see much in the way of daylight. x

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    1. Thank you for your perspective! I agree with that. I’m thinking, though, maybe I should ditch the fugitives instead of relying on them, getting used to getting results i want from them. I haven’t decided. I suspect i will narrow my schmincke palette down soon to some most favorites, and keep the rest, but in a different palette, and that’s where opera pink will sit. With a big x on it. 🙂

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