5/29/2018- watercolor journal tour

I found my missing watercolor journal! The one I apparently lost last September or so and then forgot about. I didn’t realize it was missing until I found it yesterday. And I found the white wrist sweatband I was telling you about last week, that I wrap around my travel palette and use to wipe my brushes on. AND a travel palette I’d looked for a few times this winter. YAY!! The journal is less than half finished, but the pictures in it are so cute, I thought I’d give you a little tour.

My beetle, and garage:


a friend’s adorable house, and a partial window (the window was a Peter Sheeler youtube tutorial):



A group of random girls walking arm in arm down Duke of Gloucester Street in historic colonial Williamsburg… so cute…


and my husband and Emmett: newfie(dog) (before we got the second one) [dog, not husband]…

A few historic colonial buildings:


Sitting in the rain at my son’s college graduation,


my sister-in-law laughing with my grandson, goats climbing a goat tower. (seems random, I know, but these are all memories from 2017 and it is so fun to see them again!)


A peacock (specifically to try some shiny shimmery gold paint):


my granddaughter looking at a horse on the little farm behind my house (which they’ve torn down this month to develop into a neighborhood!), and the farm in color:



I’m so glad I have these memories. This experience has convinced me I need to sketch and paint more of my day to day events, places, people I interact with. It really means more to me than I thought it would. And as horrible as my memory is (and it IS!!!), I remember EACH of these scenes clearly, the real actual moment they are from. So drawing them must have cemented them into my brain differently than just taking a photo.

And just for kicks, here is Emmett watching television. So you can see how huge-ish he is really getting. I think he’s gotta be about 140 pounds now.



8 thoughts on “5/29/2018- watercolor journal tour

      1. You are an artist with your words! I can write poetry but prose stumps me lately, like straight blog posts… mine get so awkward… i had decided to simply post pictures, but i generally want to show someone how to do it themselves if they want to so end up going on and on. .. yours are always beautiful, like your photos! Thank you for the lovely compliment!

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