Day 17, 30×30 direct watercolor challenge: octopus card and label (posted late)

Most people doing this challenge are doing complete paintings… my goal was just to get into the habit of painting every day, and try new little techniques, and learn about my paints. I made a card and address label to send with a paint sample I’m mailing to someone. EEM watercolor pans (Eventually, Everything Mixes handmade watercolors) Burnt Sienna and Tia.

Day 9, 30×30 challenge: common octopus

Sticking with the octopus theme. I used EEM (Eventually, Everything Mixes) Burnt Sienna for this. And that dot of Daniel Smith Bloodstone for the eye, and a bit of white gouache for the suckers on the tentacles.


Day 8, 30×30 challenge: Octopi (solar) systems

FINALLY I had an idea (a week or two ago?) for a painting all of my own… I’m not saying no one has ever done this, but I haven’t seen it and am finally painting something just out of my HEAD.

(These are all daniel smith paints on Strathmore, series 5, 5×7 140 lb paper. The paper is linked in the post from two days ago, the Cozy Door, so I won’t link it here. The stars are M. Graham Titanium White Gouache)

I started with this:


Moved on to this:


And then tried this:


I’d like to try another like the last one, and cover the bottom right corner of the page with Daniel Smith Bloodstone (the black sky in the first one)

I think I can do better with pen & ink, so I’ll try that next. Which one do you like best?


Cephalopodic Solar System? (May 31, 2018)

I am in an interesting swap on, a very fun artistic swapping site. I’ve made some amazing friends there and met some incredible artists, too. This swap will have 8 parts… each person will decorate 1/8th of every participant’s plain canvas tote bag, one at a time, as they circle the group. Anything goes. It should be an interesting tote bag I receive back! The swap is international, so a little expensive for those of us in the US sending to Europe, but at least the expense of shipping is spread out over a long time.

It turns out, staring at a blank canvas bag which will end up with someone I don’t know is rather daunting!! I don’t want to paint something she hates. I peeked at her profile to get some ideas, and saw “cephalopods” on her list of “likes”… I’m not sure how the planets came into being, I just thought they’d be kinda cool. So I ended up with an octopus either orchestrating, designing, or destroying the universe, depending upon your point of view, and current mood. 🙂 Or really, maybe just playing around with it.




What do you think? I kinda love him. Her? I may need to try a larger paper version to keep. Or several different versions.