Fri Feb 2, 2018: Another watercolor palette box!

I found this adorable tin on Amazon, here, for about $16. This pattern isn’t currently available (from this seller), but there are others. This tin came with 20 full pans, with magnets on the back, but was also available with 40 half pans! At just 6.69×3.54 x0.6 inches it’s a really nice size to hold many colors, if you don’t want a traditional paint box. (There’s a very nice plain silver one, too) It’s about the size of the iPhone 7+. I constantly move my paints around and change what’s in my palette, so decided to try a different kind of swatch page…

I made tiny swatches of each color, labeled and laminated them (I have a xyron machine but could have just used tape instead), then attached them to a sheet of laminated white paper with glue dots. Then I can move them around, or replace them with other colors as often as needed. (I saw this idea on youtube, but can’t remember who to credit.) There are a few colors I’m planning to remove, if I ever use it enough to really see what I like best, and then I’ll be able to fit a little brush in as well. I cut a page of yupo paper to fit inside the lid, (this is a synthetic, tree-free art paper that I’ve heard works well for travel palettes) to use for mixing colors, but I think eventually I’ll spray paint white inside the lid.

I’m finding that although I enjoy trying new colors, I really prefer a smaller limited palette… too many choices otherwise! I hope to eventually have a set of 12-15, or fewer, that I regularly use.

(also, just some hints: you can see the pans I’ve most recently filled are only filled on one side… I’ve found I like having the other side empty, for creating a wash of paint. And I prefer the full pans to half pans because I don’t have to dip the delicate tip of a brush in and possibly damage it, but can use the side of the brush. Plus they’ll accommodate larger brushes as well. I don’t mind half pans or smaller for a tiny travel tin and little travel or water brush, though. )


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