A tiny acrylic landscape FOR BEGINNERS 7/2/19

I followed Ray Grimes’ Youtube tutorial for this one, “Simple Landscape from a dot”… and yep, you basically start with a dot. (See video here) Here it is as simply as I can explain it.

First: cover the canvas in white.

Then: add a tiny dot of color (he used purple, I used burnt sienna, because I don’t have a pretty purple) Use a stiff brush (apparently any, because I didn’t have any of the tools he used) to tap the dot in and around (see my land on the left side.)  Add a tiny (sienna) dot on the right, tap it around.

Use a dry flat brush to drag down through the bottom of the color, then a swipe horizontally (for the reflection for both pieces of land).

Add a third (sienna) dot at the bottom right, tap tap tap with the brush, repeat the dry flat brush draggy thing a bit. Don’t overwork it.

Apply a thin line of white to the flat edge of a palette knife, drag it beneath where the “land” should be, and maybe a stripe or two in the “water” (see my image) Sign your name… you are done!!! A 5 inch, 5 minute masterpiece. Incredible.

I REALLY love the sienna color. I will try more single color paintings, I think!


The supplies I used. (That long brush is actually a stiff flat brush, it just rolled itself sideways)


I’d love to know if you try this!!