Day 18: Acrylic painting

So I thought this was my strength, kinda, as far as painting goes, but so far this is the submission I have enjoyed the least. My daughter asked me to try my hand at this poster, and make my own version. I like the way the painting looks here, but in person I kind of want to burn it. And I definitely like more mountain/less sky like the original.

What I learned:

  • Wet palette better than dry palette. It DOES make a difference. A big one. At least now I KNOW. (note to self: buy the refill paper already. It’s worth it)
  • Brush choice matters. And I need more choices.
  • Cheap acrylics paint differently than expensive acrylics.
  • I like taped edges.
  • I need to do a nicer signature. Work on that this year.
  • Better lighting is really important. I need to make that a priority.
  • The newest New Girl season (6) isn’t their best. And I probably shouldn’t have my computer on while I’m trying to paint. Unless I’m following a tutorial.

(edited: Season six got better as I got further in)




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