Day 129 (Tues 5/9) rainy sketch

We attended a cold, rainy graduation ceremony in the mountains this weekend, so while in the car on the way home I quickly sketched what I could of the scene. The sea of umbrellas was interesting although my vantage point wasn’t perfect. Human figures are definitely a weakness of mine so I’ve decided to work on them when I find simple opportunities.  Unfinished, but there it is.


6 thoughts on “Day 129 (Tues 5/9) rainy sketch

    1. Thank you! I was actually really happy with how these turned out. Usually even trying to copy a photo they are just all a jumble of lines and angles and wiggles of the wrong proportions. Maybe I am starting to see things a bit better! I appreciate your comment.


    1. Thank you! These comments are helping me look at things differently… I didn’t particularly want to post this one because it feels amateurish and unfinished. But it is all I worked on, so I had to! (And I kept thinking “why should I just post the stuff I am comfortable with…”) So now I will be less worried about what I post!!


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