Day 133 (Sat 5/13) lilacs?

I THINK these are lilacs. Anyway, I like them.


5×7 Strathmore 400 series watercolor paper, Sennelier Dioxazine Purple, Forest Green, Phthalo Green Light, Daniel Smith Bloodstone Genuine. I was disappointed when I initially swatched the bloodstone, which was not at all purple like I had expected because of the tube… a definite neutral… then I started mixing it with things and might have fallen in love a little bit. It tones bright colors down beautifully.

You can find this paint on Amazon right now for as little as $6.41 (plus $2.25 shipping) , but I got mine for $5.50 at Jerrys Artarama, who had their paints and brushes 20% off today. (In the store only, I think) They are sometimes more expensive, but with their 10% off card (everyone should have it) and their sales, I can often find a pretty reasonable deal. Like today. And it’s so nice to browse the artsy aisles for a while, and leave with a tiny tube of paint clutched greedily in my sweaty palm! (And, if I buy a paint brush, they put it in a fun brush bag!)

It’s less costly in the long run to purchase the larger tubes of course… but I kind of like to try out the colors first, and make sure it’s something I want.


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