Day 222 (Thurs Aug 10) Gouache

I have been eager to try gouache paints. I’d never even heard of them before this year… a 600 year old medium, kind of a marriage of watercolor and acrylic in behavior. Can be watered down and flow together like watercolor, can be used light on top of dark like acrylic, can be built up in heavy strokes like oil… Maybe the best of both worlds? I found this set of caran d’ache gouache pans, the only pan set I could find… They remind me of tempera paints, and even say poster paints in one place. A kind of chalky finish of the final product I’m not crazy about. I can see the benefit to using tubes instead of pans, and being able to use thicker paint. It was strange after all this time learning to leave white spaces white, to now add them in with paint… I don’t know if I liked it or not!

The set came with a number 8 caran d’ache brush as well, which works nicely so far. I followed a video by Myriam Tillson, at a vlog called Myriam’s Illustrations on Youtube. Mine didn’t end up looking much like hers… but enough that I knew I’d better say it was her idea! I think tomorrow I may try a more coloring book type thing.



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