Day 266 (Sun Sept 24) ATCs

Artist Trading Cards… 2 1/2×3 1/2 inches. Treehouses. The fronts, top and right using daniel smith paints, bottom left using qor…


The backs… one unfinished, the school house uses Jane davenport mermaid watercolor markers (they are really a waterbased color in a waterbrush) Vivid colors, difficult for me to control, and they lift off a bit too easily, but quite fun. I think they’d be great for something larger, especially art journal pages, or calligraphy. The country store uses daniel smith.


Oh, and about halfway through I found this gift from my newfoundland dog dripping off my table right in front of me. I don’t know how I didn’t get slimed. Don’t get a newfie if you can’t handle the Sloober. He’s not allowed in my studio alone, but he snuck in a bit earlier. Obviously. That Sloober would literally be there in a week if I hadn’t removed it… looking like a thick shiny… dried… disgusting hangy thingy… I tried it once just to see. Ugh.



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