Thurs, Dec 4, 2018… Celtic circles

So my post-one-a-day plan hasn’t bled over into 2018 … but I am still trying to do something creative each day. I worked on this yesterday and today. The coolest thing about it is the shiny gold ink!! I don’t know if you can really see how shiny it is… I used Dr. Ph. Martin’s Iridescent Ink: Copperplate Gold. (and Qor watercolor paint, in my inktober drawing pad, 90 lb smooth paper)

I purchased this ink in APRIL and have only used it TWICE now. I do really like it, though, and hope to make myself use it more frequently. I used a thin brush and it worked great, was easy to use, and no trouble with the clean up. (a calligraphy nib would work, too)

I was trying to create a Celtic circle like PearFleur does in this video… in fact, that is why I originally purchased this ink! (She is a favorite of mine… go check out some of her stuff on youtube!) (Remember the Secret of Kells movie from 2009? Beautiful!) I also used the Molotow Liquid Chrome Marker I purchased a month or two ago in an ArtSnacks subscription box. This thing draws a mirror-like silver finish… it’s super cool, but honestly I think I like the Martin’s ink better, although a pen/marker is more convenient. I have the 1mm marker, very useful… but there are larger nibs that might be nice to have. I never would have purchased this on my own, but I’m glad to have it now.

Happy new year!!!



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