April is National Letter Writing Month

Some people participate in a letter-a-day-challenge. I intended to, but then forgot about it so missed the first week and am unprepared. Still, I thought I’d prep some fun lettersets so I’ll be all ready to write a few letters whatever day I am in the mood…

These are actually coloring book pages, so don’t be impressed by my artistic endeavors. I colored. And cut, and sewed. (I love sewing paper!)

Even if you don’t want to invest this much thought into creating a letterset… grab a sheet of paper and get writing. A real snail mail letter, that isn’t a bill or an advertisement, means so much to people. You could really brighten someone’s day. (Don’t remember chatty snail mail?? Yeah, it’s a dying art… pretend it’s a text message or e-mail… it will all come back to you once you pick up the pencil, I promise!)


Who will receive letters from you this month??


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