Tues 2/20/18 Starbucks

(For some reason this post was in the draft section of my blog, unpublished! So I’m posting it now,  6 weeks later)

My first attempt at “urban sketching”. It was so much harder for me to do on site than I expected! AND these ladies were much cuter in person.


Look how adorable this tiny little watercolor journal is. It has a nice leather-ish cover, a ribbon bookmark, an elastic band that holds it shut, and even a long fold out panoramic page in back.
This is the link to this 4″x4″ watercolor journal by Field Artist…

It is so nice, really heavy paper, under $15. ($12.99 right now) There’s a 5″x5″ one as well HERE, for $1 more, if the first is too small for you (The 4″ is VERY tiny… but also very portable!) And then this 4″x6.5″ watercolor journal from the same company… Right now it’s $14.95, and I do love this shape and size. Very useful. All of these are nice travel books. (although honestly I don’t take them anywhere often, I love working in them here and having them available IN CASE I want to go OUT and paint. 🙂

AND all of them will fit right inside the front pocket of the tiny purse I’m using as a travel art bag. (individually, I mean) … (The purse is a cute mini crossbody made by Vera Bradley, something from years ago that I really never got into. It is PERFECT)


Go paint something!


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