A new favorite watercolor trio?

Daniel Smith Quinacridone Lilac

Holbein Marine Blue

Holbein Aureolin

I’ve linked all of the above with the best prices currently on Amazon. (As an Amazon affiliate, if you purchase them through these links instead of searching them, I get a few cents without costing you anything extra. If you aren’t purchasing them soon, however, I suggest you check prices a little, because they do fluctuate)

I was more impressed with each of these, and with the secondary colors they produced, than I expected to be. The blue is really gorgeous. Well, all three are. They are a little more vibrant in person than in this photo.

I’m planning to use these three as my primaries in my current travel set. (Not that I travel much, but there is a local group urban sketching opportunity soon!) The browns were more difficult for me to get, and keep consistent, but I think that was me, not the paints. Once I found them, I liked them quite well. I couldn’t get a good black shade easily, but that also might be me… I did get a gray I liked. In fact, I got a nice purple tinted gray, and a nice blue gray as well. And a sort of ugly-interesting green gray I haven’t decided about.

To be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about Holbein in general, but these two are nice. I found these through Dr. Oto Kano’s channel, specifically this video, listing her favorite 8 colors. (Not necessarily all for the same palette, but her favorite colors overall.) I think I also found my paint storage solution from one of her earlier videos. She used a white board, I used pegboard.


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