Day 5, 30×30 challenge: Cozy Door,6/5/18

My neighbor has moved (sad!!) so I made this little sketch of her front door to give her. Now that I’m looking at it again, I wish I’d tried it several times and gotten a feel for it, then given her the best attempt. It’s too late, I’ve already given it. I think I could do better with practice, but I’m happy with it. Also, I’m working on not using pencil, and letting little mistakes be part of the art of it, so I need to just let it go.



EEM Handmade Watercolors (Burnt Sienna, Mais, Tia)

Daniel Smith’s Bloodstone Genuine, for the shadows

And a couple teensy touches of some Schmincke paints, only to adjust greens a bit (I only have the three colors by EEM)

Strathmore 140 lb Ready Cut 100% cotton cold press 5×7 paper, (linked here at Amazon, currently, for $6.38)

Uniball DELUXE black pen, .5mm






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