Watercolor “Stain Doodle Technique” 3/23/18

Another idea from Maremi SmallArt tutorials. (“Watercolor Stain Doodle Beginner’s Technique”.)

Basically… get your paper wet and put little puddles of color wherever you want them, with no plan in mind. Just colors and combinations and shapes you like… after it dries, ink in a little doodle of whatever you imagine it looks like. (I decided this was a GREAT situation for using my QoR paints, with their long tendrilly flow)


This was tricky for me at first. My biggest problem right now is coming up with creative ideas, and all I could see was what Marta had drawn on her paper, which didn’t look like mine at all. After a few minutes, though, after thinking about seaweed or plants in a fish tank… I saw an ant at the bottom, in the middle (???) and then the dandelions were obvious.  It was a good exercise for me, and I was happy with what I came up with. I’ll do this again, it was fun.


I did add a couple dabs of shadow once I finished. And yes, these ants are darn big. I like them that way 🙂




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