Day 101 (Tues April 11) Another Lighthouse, Sheeler style

I guess I may end up working my way through each of Peter Sheeler’s tutorials. They are perfect for my 2017 project, and I feel very comfortable with the style. And they are small and fit well in my sketchbooks. I’ll add the link for the Uniball deluxe micro pen again from Amazon. This is the three pack. It is really nice for this (or regular writing) and SO affordable. I love my special art supplies… but this pen is probably one of my favorite finds. This micro deluxe, also here in a set of 12 for $20, specifically says waterproof, and I haven’t tried the regular, so I don’t know about it
(although it says the regular protects against water, fraud and fading).

(In case you’d like to try it, this is a link to a set of 12 for $5…  the regular uniball micro, not the deluxe. I have only used the deluxe so far, listed further up, and love it, but I may try the regular since it is SO affordable, and compare sometime. If it is waterproof and fade proof, and creates a nice line, that’s all I’m really looking for.)



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