Day 107 (Mon April 17)

So with the use of a new molotow graphic 2 mm masking pen (linked here!) my masking is much improved!!! I like my “soft” masking tool from Rosemary and Co very much, and I LOVE this masking pen even more. What smooth edges! (still using the Prima Paint set I adore on the 400 Series Strathmore Watercolor Journal. I love this journal.)


This was done with the Molotow graphix pen. Lovely to work with. Eleven bucks well spent.


The second is with a ruling pen and my own masking fluid. It was quite difficult to control (although… I did get a VERY cheap ruling pen. And i don’t think it works right.)… it isn’t bad, but not great. And here and there I had to paint the uneven edges a bit.


This is from the other day using the Grumbacher frisket (masking fluid) and the little tool. You can still see some uneven edges… but my tiny letters were much more controlled with this Rosemary and Co soft tipped tool. (for a DOLLAR. Plus lots of shipping… but if you are buying some brushes anyway, toss one in the cart!!)


My vote?? Molotow masking pen. Definitely.


3 thoughts on “Day 107 (Mon April 17)

      1. Haha mine, too!!! My new phone has a HUGE screen and it is so helpful!!! Thank you for the comments, I’m glad you liked these. Do try the pen if you have an opportunity. It is so much simpler (and more efficient) than what I had been working with previously, at least so far. There’s a link to one in the blog.


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