Day 120 (Sun April 30) Irises

A bookmark I painted with the Sennelier pan paints on a strip of watercolor paper I found left over. Drawn with that Uniball Deluxe pen I love so much.


2 thoughts on “Day 120 (Sun April 30) Irises

    1. They do all have several layers, so some differences may be from that, and then I used different mixes of phthalo light green, forest green, and bit of blue here and there. From my Sennelier set of paints. I didn’t mix color consciously, just though Oh maybe darker on this one, and picked up a bit more darker shade to blend in. (I also added a tiny speck of Venetian red here and there for the brown bits. I’m learning that if a tutorial calls for certain colors, but I don’t have those, I can generally replace them with similar colors and still like the result, so don’t feel like you’d need those exact colors. If I had sap green, I’d just add a little blue to some and a little sepia or red… anything to deepen it to a color I’m happy with. Really as long as you have a good solid red, yellow, and blue, or two of each, you can do so much!!!


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