Day 155 (Sun 6/4) Lettering

Working on a lettering project for my son-in-law…using gansai tambi paint, which lays down and flows thick and dark like ink. Here is a link to the 18 color pan set at a particularly good price of  $15.27. I wish I’d found this set when I was looking! I got this set of 36 colors  for $29.85, still a good deal pan for pan… but the $15 set is a good one for trying something out. I don’t know if the color selection is good or not.

Also interesting to note, this paint is shiny if you lay it down thickly enough. (an unusual attribute!) I tried out this tiny brush I received in my Art Snacks monthly subscription box last month… Prima white gold flat shader 2… it worked really well. Very nice lines! One particularly crooked letter. Maybe he can adjust digitally? Otherwise I’ll paint it again this week.


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