Day 15: watercolor coloring book page?

So I thought today I’d start coming up with ideas for a watercolor coloring book, a real need in the crafters/amateur artists market as far as I can tell. I can only find one, put out by prima, that’s on real watercolor paper. It has a few nice designs, but is mostly short quotes, a few words with a little graphic and lots of space. I am thinking of some designs that might be more fun to paint.

Still, I started simple, with… yeah, a sketch with just words, (by the way LOOK AT THAT! I finally designed a font of my own instead of copying someone’s!) and then thought I’d go ahead and color it in, too, with the paints that arrived yesterday…Prima Watercolor Confections.(the Tropical set) I LOVE them. They are SO bold and beautiful. I’ve never used really high end watercolor paints, so don’t have much to compare with right now, but these are very fun for an average person to play with. (Prima, I love them so much, I should be your spokesperson!!! Just ask!)

I hope to figure out a way to design and publish a watercolor coloring book over the course of the year, so stay tuned with that. If you have suggestions or experience with a project like this PLEASE leave advice. My daughter suggested I need a drawing tablet for this project, so last night I unsuccessfully tried to load the wacom tablet my nephew had left here for me to play with a few years ago. It seems so much simpler to DRAW, on PAPER. Technology frightens me. So many options. But I’m figuring out the blog thing so I can figure out the tablet thing, too.


Did I mention how much fun these paints are?????


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