Day 248 (Tues Sept 5) Giraffe ATC

The beginning of one anyway. Haven’t decided where to go with it yet. Front and back pictured.

I used this Uniball Deluxe Micro pen .5, be sure to get black as there are other colors of ink. The ink is waterproof and goes on smoothly. I paint right over it. Right now it is a little over $5, sometimes it is less (sometimes more!) on Amazon… I’ve purchased a set of three previously but couldn’t find it tonight. Only a set of 12, but that was close to $24. In the past I’ve used different width Micron pens instead, and I was really surprised and pleased with how well this worked. I’m thinking maybe I can consider eliminating a few of my extraneous supplies (ARE any art supplies ever really extraneous???? My addiction says no. But yes, yes they are and I need to admit it.)


4 thoughts on “Day 248 (Tues Sept 5) Giraffe ATC

    1. Oh cool!!! I’ll have to look. Make sure it is the micro deluxe if you will ever be using watercolor over it, that is the waterproof one. That is closer to the price when I bought my first on Amazon in the winter… I think I got three for $8 or $10 or something?


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