Day 247 (Mon Sept 4) finished ATC set

I forgot to finish these, and left the masking fluid on one for several days (it should come off within 24 hours) It still removed easily and did no damage. It is that Molotow masking pen, 2mm… (link here)… and does really well on tiny spaces.

Remember, and ATC (artist trading card) is 2 1/2 ” x 3 1/2 “… a very small space for painting a lot of detail. How many watercolored ATCs do you think are equal to a set of hand knitted or crocheted fingerless gloves?? It’s a swap, and I feel like 4 is not nearly enough.


2 thoughts on “Day 247 (Mon Sept 4) finished ATC set

  1. Normally I’d say at least a dozen, but my goodness, your work is so amazing that it’s a hard question to answer! Maybe you shou,d find out how long it takes your partner to make the gloves, and then use that timeframe to figure out an equal amount of work on your end. I know personally, I’d be over the moon to receive even one of your amazing pieces of art!


    1. Oh thank you… and that is a great idea! I’ll find out the time it takes. It is worth quite a few to me, since i love the gloves and can’t crochet or knit more than a straight line. And that, not very well. Plus… I enjoy making the tiny paintings 🙂


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