Thurs 2/15 SCHMINCKE fabulousness

I don’t even remember what other paints I have. I’ve died and gone to Schmincke heaven.

Daniel Smith MAY have met his match today. I got this limited edition set of Schmincke Horadam’s new colors. For $70!!! It’s worth 2 or 2 1/2 times that, if you add it all up separately. (check Wet Paint to see if they still have it) Twelve colors in a sweet, almost square tin that will hold 18-21 colors. (I added three colors, too, when I ordered the set) I won’t go into what I love about these right now… except their creaminess, vibrance, the beautiful way they dance in the water (this is fantastic), the color shift upon drying is negligible… the tin IS nicer than the meeden and other inexpensive tins… these are all single pigment paints with high lightfast ratings (of course)… (siiiigh)… I’ll play with them more first and talk later.


I’m really a huge fan of the granulating potter’s pink.




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