(Almost) a week of drawing my days…

Previously posted:

(I think this sketch of Clara might be my favorite)


Yeah, that’s me, kinda, because for some reason I didn’t draw on Wednesday, then by Friday couldn’t remember doing ANYTHING. I think maybe we went for a movie?? :


Oh, that orange scone. I think I predict another trip to Panera… :


(working in a Stillman & Birn Beta Softcover Sketchbook, Heavyweight 180lb, Cold-Press, White, 28 Sheets – 5.5×8.5 

I’m very pleased with this book. The pages lay flat when the book is open, and they don’t curl a lot. The paint dries very quickly on them, though. They aren’t 100% cotton. But works well for this project.

Using a variety of watercolors… a combination of Daniel Smith, Schmincke, M Graham, EEM, Holbein, and QoR.

And my favorite brushes, Winsor & newton Series 7 kolinsky sable. sizes 6 and 4. These really are AMAZING brushes. I have lots of less expensive brushes which I never use. I can only find a small one OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive on Amazon, so I’m not linking it. Wait for sale prices at Jerry’s, Jacksons, Cheap Joes, Wet Paint, etc! )


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