Friday, January 4, 2019

Today was warm (61 degrees???!) but so cloudy. And then rainy. At least it WAS warm, though… it would have been miserable twenty degrees cooler! (I was mid-gripe just now, when that thought struck me!) Really my only complaint with the rain is that each hole Clara dug in the backyard has filled with water. Why doesn’t this water seep back into the earth?? I remember as a child trying to fill holes with water to make dolly swimming pools, and it never worked. Newfies have the magic touch, I guess. Maybe the depth is the secret, as any of my dolls would have drowned in these newfie sized pools.

Back to the subject at hand… I altered a tiny mint tin from Cracker Barrel just a bit with washi tape and mod podge. (The base of the tin was already a stunning green. That’s why I bought it! The mints, however, were gross.) I coated the interior with “DecoArt multi surface satin white paint” I found cheap at my local art supply store, to give myself a tiny white mixing surface. Why am I so addicted to little travel paint tins??? It came out ADORABLE, so became the subject of today’s journal entry, along with one of the ceramic cow planters from work.


I used my new DaVinci watercolor paint palette, which I’ll talk about in more detail another day. These are affordable paints that I’m starting to ADORE.

I’ll give the cow planter another shot, another day. I see what he needs, I’m just tired! My first LONG day out since being sick. And I’m back to art journaling! Any entry is better than NONE. I’ve missed it, but I’d gotten so lazy.


One thought on “Friday, January 4, 2019

  1. Love reading your blogs. Sorry you’ve been so sick!!! Was it the flu? Give me a call when you have a moment. How are you doing with your eating? I need some motivation! Ate a chocolate mouse last night and it was so good but I wasn’t happy with me! 🙄😫

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