Sunday/Monday, January 7th and 8th, 2019

We spent Sunday putting away Christmas decorations… and pared down our collections a LITTLE. Then we took the dogs to Williamsburg for a walk (uh… after bathing Clara, who dipped half her furry body into a HUGE deep mud puddle of her own creation. A newfie bath is not a small challenge) We had trouble in W-burg finding a place to seat us outside. This was odd because it was warm, like 65 degrees, and several restaurants offer seating for people with their dogs. But the crazy restrictions they were suddenly presenting us with!! We ended up frustrated, and just having pizza at home.


Not much of a sketch, but that’s about all I could handle by pm.

Monday’s most important activity didn’t get recorded in pictures… Emmett and Clara were groomed!! (this doesn’t sound like such a big deal… but last time I took Clara she bulldogged on us and they called me back after 30 minutes to come get her. Bulldogging is our term for when our humongous fur babies decide not to move. What are we gonna do, pick them up? We CAN’T physically do that. So mostly if they decide not to move, they don’t move. (Mark can always get them to move, but I’m sometimes at a loss, and I can’t blame the tiny girls at the doggy place) They also passed their assessments and could then play with all the other dogs for a few hours in group play. They suffered through the grooming and came home happy, clean, and tired. Clara was already missing one new hair bow when we arrived to pick her up. THAT’S what I should have drawn.


But I didn’t. Monday’s sketch is of the video I watched on youtube on Dr Oto Kano’s channel, comparing 11 different ultramarine watercolors. She always presents some well researched ideas. I really enjoy what I learn from her, and if you are interested in technical aspects of watercolors, beyond “how to paint” videos, you should check out her channel. I’d like one day to have a youtube channel myself! If I ever come up with anything unique to express.



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