Tuesday Jan 8th, 2019… Inktense blocks


I did not get a picture of my pork tacos tonight at the Colley Cantina, and why-oh-why not??? They were SOOOOO good. I guess I just ate them too quickly. Next time!!! I gotta start thinking more “draw-your-day-ish”!

I spent some time tonight trying to find out if inktense products are lightfast or not. Older blogs and discussions suggest they were not at that time, but newer ones say they have good to excellent lightfast ratings.  I’m going with what they say for now, but if any of you have other information, please link it!


Click here to see the Inktense block lightfast chart. I tried to save a copy to post here but couldn’t figure out how. I thought it was the Derwent site, but it isn’t, so I don’t know how accurate it is.


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