Wednesday 1/9/19 urban sketching

One of my resolutions this year is to try to get out of my house weekly to draw or paint. I thought the abandoned Toys R Us would be interesting… once so full of fun, now so lonely. The trash cans are overflowing, the cover of the “o” has fallen out of the sign, etc.

I brought as little as I possibly could today… including my new etchr slate mini bag, and the little tin I decorated last week, filled with only six handmade watercolors (from EEM (Eventually, Everything Mixes) and Dr Oto Kano), a pencil, and a water brush and blotter.



I attached the paint tin to my journal with a magnetic clip (thanks for the tip, Mandy!)

I loved the paints. I used a water brush, which is new to me, and had trouble with it. Super convenient, yes, but I had so much trouble doing… well, doing pretty much everything with it! I meant to fix it up a bit when I got home and then just decided to leave it. I’d forgotten my pen today, too, trying to really keep my supplies to a minimum.


Some perspective errors (my weakness!!!), some color errors, whatever else…  It’s good enough. I’ll get better!! 🙂 And I did enjoy myself!




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