Day 24: a shopping spree

I went to Michaels last night to get supplies for the drawing class. I spent like two hours staring at a row of pencils. PENCILS. Weird because A) I had no idea there were so many choices and B) I really had fun staring. It’s hard to find the right place between awesome quality supplies, and fun stuff, and a reasonable budget. My 50% off one item helped a little. (Really little. Because while it was an item I wanted, it was not an item I was planning to purchase yet)


My little haul: Charcoal… I’ve never enjoyed charcoal. But maybe I just wasn’t taught how to use it properly. A mixed media book and a watercolor book, $8 each, a pretty good deal. A leather chamois. Too expensive for a tiny scrap. Two drawing pencils… that you can use a paintbrush on as well! I’ve been wanting these. AND 6 alcohol markers!! (Illustrator, by Spectrum Noir.) I’ve been planning to get copics but they are so expensive that I keep putting it off. And I don’t like the colors in the little sets at Michaels. I decided to try these while I had the coupon, and I love them! (So far.) I can tell I’ll be wanting the next set asap. That’s the trouble with trying new things. It leads to buying even more new things.


(drawn for day 15, colored for day 24) I did more art than this, but I will post it tomorrow!


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