Day 25: more blue studies

For this submission, I followed a youtube video by Alphonso Dunn, here, studying how to create shape and depth with a single color in watercolor, and ending with a quick daisy done all in blue. I definitely learned some things, including start with the darkest shadowed areas, but with vague broad strokes in an extremely light wash. Add pigment with each layer, finishing with darkest details… also that with watercolor you can suggest shadowed areas, don’t need to finish them accurately like you do with pencil. I then painted my own monochromatic flower, trying to employ all of the things the video taught me. I’m very happy with my poppy. It’s better than I could have done last week, and I like it better even than the daisy I did following the tutorial. I can see things in it that could be executed more professionally, and it took me longer than I anticipated… I’d like to be able to sketch more quickly in watercolor. (since that is one of the strengths of the medium!!) But I am pleased that I can already see a lot of progress in just three and a half weeks.


(Also developed some pretty little flowers using salt, and practiced a couple other watercolor bits in the extra space)

My poppy:


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