5/11/2018 QoR watercolor sketch

Because it’s just so fun to doodle.



April 26, 2018: EEM paint again… sunflower?

A quick sketch using the same four “Eventually, Everything Mixes” (EEM) watercolor paints, in my 5″x5″ khadi watercolor journal.

There’s no excuse not to paint everyday, when in five or ten minutes SOMETHING can be done. And every little bit of practice teaches me something.


Thurs Jan 11,2018: trying a watercolor layering technique

Just trying a quick technique I watched Jay Lee use on a youtube tutorial. (JayArtPainting is the channel)

Cute, huh? Looks like tissue paper cut outs, or a rubber stamped image maybe? I needed to let my petals dry longer between layers.



Day 209 (Fri July 28) Qor watercolors

Just a little playing around tonight to see some of the Qor colors. I love them. So vivid. Such interesting flow and movement on the paper. Nothing beats the lightfast ratings of the Daniel Smiths, of course, or the quality of the pigments. But the Qor are good, and fun to play with.

Here is a link to the Qor High Chroma Set on Amazon, currently $21.36


Day 205 (Mon July 24) Look at me, painting a real picture!

I’m proud of this one, even if Angela Fehr had to show me the techniques. She was exploring Qor watercolors (pronounce it “core”, made by Golden) and demonstrating some of their more interesting properties. When the Qor paints touch water on the paper, the unique binder they use causes the paint to quickly feather out into the water, little tendrils of color spreading out like tiny rivers on a map. It’s very cool to experience, and even Daniel Smiths don’t react exactly that way. I received a free set of three small Qor tubes recently and had one of the colors she was using. I found adding a Qor paint to a Daniel Smith, I still get that reaction. So of course I ordered the Qor High Chroma set of paints she was demonstrating. (try the link!!) I mean, really… I kind of had to once I saw how interesting their response was.



You may be able to see some of the texture added on the foliage area by using plastic wrap on the first layer as it dried!

Very happy with this one.

Day 195 (Fri july 14) more watercolor crayons

Using these Caran d’Ache watercolor crayons

for the second time… they are so fun!! Obviously I haven’t quite figured them out yet, but I will keep playing with them.

First I drew an image… they spritzed water over the surface. See how the colors just flowed immediately??



Then I used a brush to move it around a bit, and after it dried I used more crayon (oh my goodness you can crayon white right on top of the colors!!!!) and a little more wet paintbrush and a little more crayon scribbling… well I couldn’t really tell when I was finished and felt like that might go on for a while, so I just stopped. I can imagine some gorgeous simple backgrounds with these things. And I’ve read that both these and their watercolor pencils have great lightfast ratings.

Day 119 (Sat April 29) quick flowers

A quick sketch on the newest journal, a khado book, using Sennelier pans. Yep. I finished a whole journal!! I’ll show you the last picture later.


I think these Sennelier watercolor pans are my favorite yet. I’m still checking them out, though.