Day 63: (Sat 3/4) watercolor sunset over water

Yeah, another tutorial. Get used to it… I’m planning to paint my way to the end of the internet. (Or to the end of internet tutorials that interest me, at least. There are a lot.)

So I have two attempts here. Both have serious flaws. But really the paper is my biggest weakness right now. I’m using what I now understand is a student grade paper, and you can see on one of the paintings how it’s even pilling a bit. It’s fine if you only use a bit of water but not great for heavy washes or multiple runs of color.


So I’ve finally decided to invest in some good quality paper and see if it makes a difference. You can see on my first attempt I had trouble keeping the paper wet, and I was working very quickly. So between dry paper and pilling paper, cheap brushes, and student grade paints… I’m going to begin upgrading supplies over the next few weeks, as I can. (I’ve already spent weeks trying to make decisions about paint brands to begin with!! They are so expensive, I don’t want to regret my first quality purchase!!)




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