Day 144 (Wed 5/24) sketchy humans

Drawing people accurately has always been a problem for me, so I thought I’d work on a few general shapes today. I’ve always worried too much about accuracy, I think, and used a pencil, erased, adjusted, etc… ending up with stiff-as-boards not-quite-right-humans. So today I thought I’d sketch a few people I took photos of this weekend while we were at the Hampton Roads Winery. (I took the photos specifically for this purpose!)… I didn’t allow myself near my pencil. Agh, so stressful! But a very good exercise. I’m sure if I do this more often (like, a LOT) I might get a more free feeling shape. I was avoiding faces but then went for it. My people are still stiff and choppy, but I’m pleased with my beginning results. They ended up nicer than I’d anticipated. No finished art, but good quick studies. Yes, my dog is that large. And yes, that is a goat tower. The winery boasts the tallest goat tower in Virginia. 🙂 Do you love the laughing woman and baby?? That’s my grandson, and my sister-in-law (much prettier in person), and the girl seen over and over is my granddaughter.

When you just DO things, and keep doing them… you get better at them. (duh)


7 thoughts on “Day 144 (Wed 5/24) sketchy humans

  1. You know what? Your people look like people. I can tell if they are old, young, male, female. The dog looks like a dog. The goat looks like a goat. I think you are WAY too hard on yourself.

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  2. Haha the dog is the worst of them all. 🙂 (compared to himself, I mean. He’s a Newfie not an Old English Sheepdog!) But he DOES look like a dog, you’re right! And my husband looked at the girl and said Hey that’s Ellis! So I must be doing something right. Even Hey that’s a little girl would have been acceptable. 🙂 These were fun to try, I’m going to do more.

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