Day 200 (Wed July 19) caran d’ache pencils!!

Can it already be day 200??? (Have I counted correctly? Several times I’ve found and corrected mistakes in my count. We’ll know around December 31st, I guess!)

Caran d’Ache Museum Aquarelle pencils. These JUST arrived today and I am loving them already. Here’s what the packaging says …”not a watercolor pencil, it is a water-soluble in pencil form….100% water soluble, immediately and totally. Optimal transparency with no veiled effect. range of 76 brilliant and vibrant colors. Exceptional colour lightfastness applied wet or dry…high pigment density.”

How did I not know about these????

They are so smooth and creamy. Amazing. And absolutely brilliant when water is applied. I received 2 pencils in my “artsnacks” package last month, tried them and fell in love. I agonized over which set to order (they aren’t cheap) and settled on Landscape (thrilled with the set so far) I imagine Marine is in my future… one day… maybe… 🙂 I don’t even know what to say about these. I hope I can find exciting ways to use them.

Using watercolor paper, here’s my sketch… it could look less grainy with flat paper…


After applying just a layer of water over the whole thing:


Not thrilled that I’d lost a bit of lighter colored area I had left on the top of the apple, I tried pulling some color up by erasing… perfect! It removed just the right amount. I’ve read that I can also rewet it and lift color just like watercolor paint.


How cool is that???

You could even create a little travel paint set for a quick day out by scribbling colors on a flat page (they write on a plastic folder I have sitting here, so strips of an inexpensive plastic report cover set inside a small tin or even an envelope) then using a few drops of water to activate them and use like regular watercolor.

This is too fun.


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