Day 312 (Thurs nov 9) art?

Well, it’s SOMEBODY’S art, a pre-drawn postcard, and I colored it in, which took longer than I guessed it would. I use these Marco raffine colored pencils. The set I have linked is 72 pencils for under $14… there’s also this set of 48 AND a pencil pouch,  for under $10!!! I have the set of 48, (without a pouch) but for the price I’d get the 72 now. I don’t have more expensive colored pencils so can’t compare them, although I have caran d’ache watercolor pencils which I ADORE, and these feel similar to the caran d’ache to me. (these are NOT watercolor pencils)

I got my set about two years ago, I think, and assume the formulation is the same. The packaging hasn’t changed. Mine are soft and vivid and layer nicely … I REALLY like them, and when I’m tempted to get a more expensive brand I stop myself, remembering how much I actually enjoy these. Anyway, if you decide to try them yourself, it isn’t a huge investment, and I’d like to hear someone else’s opinion. I’d DEFINITELY buy these for older kids or someone just trying out colored pencils (like me) instead of crayola or any less expensive, or even some MORE expensive brands.



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