Sun Jan 14 2018… inking flowers again

Stuck in a waiting room yesterday for a while, but I thought to grab a pad of watercolor paper that happened to be in my car. I wish I’d had my sketchbook instead because I really like the way this turned out. It’s a tiny spot on a large page so I’ll add more to it.

(I use this uni-ball deluxe MICRO rollerball pen, with a .5 tip, to draw with (because Peter Sheeler recommended them in some of his videos.) I had my doubts at first because I thought I needed variable tip sizes but I love it. I keep one of these in my purse for everyday writing, AND for unexpected sketching opportunities. It writes smoothly and is waterproof so I can add paint if I want to. Prices fluctuate on Amazon, so watch for a deal.)

[I am in the Amazon Associate program, so get a little store credit if you purchase through an Amazon link I add… but I always check other places for better prices, too, and will add those as well if I find them.  I love using Amazon (and also use Honey there, too, which finds me the lowest price available!) and purchase often through them, but I check other sites as well to see how prices compare.]

If you find this exact pen at a great price somewhere, please let us know in the comments! Right now they are about $3 a piece, which is pretty good, as far as I’ve seen.


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