Saturday 02/10/18 watercolor

I don’t want you to think I haven’t done any art!! But actually, I was sick in bed Wednesday and Thursday, so didn’t. I did the other days.

I’m following an Angela Fehr online tutorial/class/workshop thing and she has us painting white hydrangeas with negative painting. So far (attempt two) I’ve gotten this far and don’t know exactly where else to go:


I’ll work on it more later or start a new one. Not a terrific start but excellent practice skills.

Also, found this great thrift store palette… (you know glass, ceramic, porcelain are optimal surfaces… and wells for separation are nice…):


Yep, a deviled egg tray. You can find these CHEAP at thrift stores… go find one! great for when you need a little more paint. Also, I could squeeze 12 colors out into the wells and keep them there if I wanted to.



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