May 2, 2018: Youtube tutorial- beginning watercolor techniques by Makoccino, using QoR mini

Sooo… if you recall, my tape kept tearing my cotton paper. To combat this,  I started reusing it… and apparently I used it once too often, because the paint bled through. Paper didn’t tear, though! 🙂


Makoccino suggests trying this in a journal ( HERE is the link to the tutorial ) … she says sectioning off the page and trying these three wet on wet ideas will help someone having trouble attacking a whole empty page. (It did) My book is small so these strips are very tiny… maybe an inch wide and 4 inches tall. Mine didn’t come out exactly like hers, but I like them, and I really had fun doing them.

I used my QoR mini watercolor pan set (found here at Amazon) again…. I just love those. Like seriously LOVE. I know they are expensive, but I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

I like this evening sky:


My galaxy stinks. But it was fun:


But this sky is where QoR really shines:




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