Carrot sketch… loosely painted…

Oh my goodness!!! This isn’t as nice as the radishes, and is still overworked… but I think I’m catching on to the idea of loose painting. I’m getting there.


At any rate, this sketch was really FUN, and I have to credit two things for that fun. One is the LazyWonderBrush Youtube channel. Olga’s advice is so helpful. If you have an opportunity, check out a few off her videos. There are a great many artists I follow, and Olga’s style is very relaxing.

The other is this set of QoR Mini watercolors, the new pan set. So amazing. I have liked quite a few of my watercolors very much, for all different reasons, but I’m finding I keep returning to this little set. It is my very favorite right now. I still love my Schmincke and my Daniel Smith paints, (and my EEM handmade paints! love!) but this QoR set are just so VERY FUN to paint with.. I find even if I begin with DS or Schmincke, I end up changing to QoR, or adding them in a bit. (and yes, they do seem to mix fine with the others) I love everything from the QoR signature style tin to the unusual silicone insert and the beautiful selection of colors… I can’t explain it. I just know if they come out with a second mini set, I will find a way to purchase one!


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