Thirty Days of Everyday Life, Friday: watercolor techniques

I watched the next Oto Kano youtube video, 8 Advanced Watercolor Texture Techniques, then tried a few in my journal. The Magic Eraser worked fine. BUT… the bubbles. Oh, the bubbles.


The blue was my first WET attempt. It soaked through to the other side and left NO bubble shapes. The red was my second, too much paint, attempt.

Next I added too much soap… ugh. I even tried a few drops of glycerin. I don’t know enough about glycerin to even know why I thought that might work, but it was sitting on my table from when I’d used it to mix a pant of white gouache. It didn’t help (surprise!)

I thought I’d sail right through “bubbles”!  Anyway, I did end up with something bubbly looking, and if I try a few more times I think I could get it.


But… I’m not that interested right now. It’s fun to know it is an option, though. Oto has suggested several other textures I may try, just didn’t today.

(I have to admit, now that I’m looking at them dry, it’s kind of interesting. The paint turned rather opaque in the process!!)

In other news, we met the family at The Bier Garden. YUM! But I didn’t have room to sketch anything from the evening here after the bubble incident, since I’m trying to stick to one page a day. Or since I’m lazy?? Whichever.

How was your Friday?




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