Day 10: (sick) quick lettering

I still have that nagging little cold, and I don’t feel like being creative, but I did SOMETHING. And I even learned something. (I learned that I don’t love writing with the kuretake brush marker, although I liked drawing the angel with it two days ago. I do love the idea of it, so I’ll keep trying it and other brands of brush markers. I also learned don’t think so much about the letter while writing. Just write) Usually I’d try both of these again until I liked them, but I’m too tired today. And maybe less if better anyway.

Artists and crafters… what do you do about pen smears? Ideas for avoiding them? Brands that dry quickest? Definitely plaguing me. Weigh in with opinions, PLEASE. And thank you all for helping me get started with my 2017 project! New watercolor paints coming in a few days, just got slowed down by the blizzard, so I’m really looking forward to that!

I’m hoping to add a drawing/drafting table to my studio soon. I don’t NEED one, but I do WANT one. Let me know if you see a fabulous deal somewhere!!


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