Day 11: watercolor

If you follow my other blog, all the crazy world, you know I got some mail today!! I’ve been feeling grumpy with this little fever and cough, not at all like creating, but decided to just look at the paint colors. I got them wet, put the brush to the paper a bit, and  then thought maybe just a quick simple beginners youtube tutorial. Four hours and 1/2 a snickers bar later… plus one hot chocolate with a touch of vodka FOR MY COUGH, because we are out of peppermint schnapps… yeah. That’s the way this ‘artist’ rolls. Here’s what I learned:


  • Plastic wrap, spray bottles, tissues, cotton balls, salt, knives, water itself… all kinds of things work in an interesting manner with watercolors.
  • don’t try to spend time painting with a large bored puppy in the house (fatality: one tv remote finder. NOT the remote, just the thing I had attached to it to find it when he has it hidden. One crunch, dead)
  • I like this set of watercolors, winsor newton cotman, and I think I got a fair price
  • I need an orangier red. Less pink. (but I like this pink one, too)
  • I can’t keep them all clean and pretty like I’d hoped. They are already messy
  • watercolor is hard to learn
  • but fun
  • not crazy about hot pressed watercolor paper, so far
  • and finally, if you don’t feel like doing something, just start, and it gets better.

I’m embarrassed to show you the tutorial (but here it is)I used to make my painting, because his is much better than mine, but mine’s not awful. I’m learning! And if you are just starting out, this is a nice one to follow. Dry a bit between layers.


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